We Are All Migrants

"If there is a destiny in the name, in this case it is the fate of announcement: to take notice of the dangerous side of beauty and the duty to suggest a way to poetically live the world that calls us beyond the borders."

Luglio 2017 / Vittorio Raschetti



"Memory, stitched. History, soothed.
What we do or might prefer to do. Have done.
How we got here. Telling ourselves a story
till it’s compact enough to bear.
Passing the walls, wearing the sky,
the slight bow and rising of trees.
Everything ceaselessly holding us close.
So we are accompanied.
Never cast out without a line of language to reel us back.
That is what happened, how I got here.
So maybe. One way anyway.
A story was sewn, seed sown,
this was what patriotism meant to me—
to be at home inside my own head long enough
to accept its infinite freedom
and move forward anywhere, to mysteries coming."

The tent by Naomi Shihab Nye

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site specific, small and large works in mixedmedia

Installazione site specific per l'Associazione Liberi Artisti della Provincia di Varese
a cura di Tiziana Pella e Cassandra Wainhouse con un sonoro e video di Massimo Squillario
la casa nel giardino 
via Liberta ,40 
21030 Casalzuigno
inaugurazione sabato 30 Settembre 2017