Nata in Francia nel 1960, dopo studi d'arte e pedagogia  in Francia, America ed Inghilterra, la pittrice svolge la sua attività artistica per 30 anni in Italia, in particolare a San Gimignano, in Toscana, con il suo atelier dal 1992 al 2012. I suoi quadri vengono apprezzati da collezionisti di tutto il Mondo e entrano a far parte di moltissime collezioni private negli USA e in Europa. Espone numerose volte in Finlandia e a  Boston e New York. Più recentemente, con la collaborazione con “Europe's Art Gallery” di Bruxelles, è presente in Bahrain sia individualmente che come partecipante al progetto “ Women in Art for Peace” . Dal 2015, pur esponendo molto in Italia, principalmente in provincia di Varese e nella città di Firenze, collabora con varie gallerie francesi e, ultimamente, anche con le svizzere "Galerie Belimage" e “NdF Gallery” .


Italy has been my land my home my inspiration and my training..
I was born in the south of France and
I grew up between Europe and the US ,a family of artists ,world travellers and dreamers.
I moved to Italy as a young adult with an artistic and walorf education training.
In 1991 I open my art studio in the heart of Tuscany , in San Gimignano where I work and live until 2012 and more
recently move to Firenze.
My study of colour, my research in materials ,my passion for the landscape and its fruits, all has evolved around transforming into an intimacy the beauty around me.

For years the lapis lazuli,ocher,and siena of Tuscan church frescoes have filled my canvas skies and landscapes like a coccon, “turned inside out”, the interior becoming the exterior, the experience of intimacy under the vaults that expands into the ezperience of Nature., made more of empty space than from filled
The three fundamental colors to express the living, visible world, transforming the moment of inspiration into an “expressionist” exhalation of the infinite that is the landscape, the tuscan landscape.
Poetry, emotions, happenings .. life works itself into my paintings: oil glazing, cutting , gilding, piecing the canvas into multiple macro worlds: large multipannels, woven and overlaped canvas, layered , stitched, embroydered, collaged, plastified...
Bizantine, symbolic, pop... my pomegranates and lemons are microcosms searching to become whole, containers of happiness, expression of plenitude and fulfillness.
Welcome into my world!


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